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Paperback - The Music Biz: Building Bricks

Paperback - The Music Biz: Building Bricks

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This book is your first step in the music business as an aspiring music industry professional or someone who is interested in knowing how the industry works.

This is a guide to learn and understand the basics of the worldwide music biz. A wide range of insights, terminology, concepts and ideas, according to industry standards.

Step by step, brick by brick. After reading this book you have created a solid foundation for a successful career in the music industry and are able to inspire others by doing the same. 

This book is for anyone from songwriters to artists, agents to label owners, managers to industry professionals. Anyone with a passion for our industry.

Topics discussed:

Composition vs. Recording
Full Royalty Overview
Stream Breakdown
Labels & Record Deals
Publishing Deals
Sample Use & Clearance
Global Touring
Step by step Guide
& much more 

ISBN: 978-90-903-7636-3
© 2023
1st Edition
Pages: 118

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