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The Music Business Blueprint | E-books + Workbook + Seminars

The Music Business Blueprint | E-books + Workbook + Seminars

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Navigate the music industry with confidence, creativity, success and unlock your highest potential in the music business.

By studying the complete A-Z program, you're not just gaining access to information – you're investing in your future success in the music industry for a lifetime. Whether you're an aspiring artist, songwriter, producer, label owner, manager or industry professional, this course will empower you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to thrive in a competitive and ever-evolving industry. Get ready to embark on a transformative learning route and unlock your full potential in the global music industry.

Navigate the music industry with confidence, creativity, success and achieve your highest potential in the music business.

Module 1: Composition vs. Master Recording & Copyrights
Module 2: How Royalties, Rights & Revenue Streams in Music Work
Module 3: How Spotify Streaming Works
Module 4: Labels & Record Deals: Traditional Deal, Net Profit Deal, 360 Deal, Licensing Deal, Distribution Deal
Module 5: Samples, Covers & Interpolation
Module 6: Publishing in the Music Business & Common Publishing Deals
Module 7: Shows, Booking Agencies & Fees
Module 8: 11 Steps to Get Heard & Achieve Your Musical Milestones
Module 9: Release Checklist, Labelcopy & Industry Terms
Module 10: ''Do I need a record deal? Do I need a publishing deal? Do I need a booking agency?'' Plus a step-by-step guide to collect all your revenue streams as an Artist

Music business career opportunities after completing the course:

  • Label Manager
  • Product Manager
  • A&R
  • Artist Manager
  • Berklee College Of Music Students
  • Music School Students
  • Release Coordinator
  • Distribution Manager
  • Royalty Manager
  • Independently releasing your music
  • Setting up your own brand in the music business
  • Setting up your own management
  • Setting up your own label
  • Collecting all royalty income streams for yourself or your artists

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    What is included in the complete course?

    1. 10 Part Video Program Narrated By Author Joey Daleboudt (100+ minutes)
    2. Audio-Only file of the complete course Narrated By Author
    3. E-Book ''The Complete Music Industry Guide: M is for Music & Money'' (104 pages)
    4. E-Book ''Self-Made Tastes So Much Better'', Complete step-by-step guide for independent artists and talent managers to collect all royalties.
    5. E-Book ''11 Steps To Get Heard And Achieve Your Musical Milestones''
    6. E-Workbook ''Test Your Knowledge: 44 Questions To Become a Music Business Expert''
    7. Personalized Certificate of Achievement
    8. Release Checklist Template
    9. Labelcopy Template
    10. All high resolution images
    11. All pdf/slides from seminar

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