How long does shipping take?
Because we use a print-on-demand service the shipping time is a bit more than usual. This is because each book is printed the moment it's ordered.

Can I mail The Music Biz for questions regarding the info in the book?
Of course. We love to help by answering all your questions. Please click on the ''Become A Pro'' button on top for additional info and services.

How many pages does the book have?
The book has 118 pages.

Is the book published as a hardcover or a paperback?
The beige coloured edition is a hardcover. The yellow coloured edition is a paperback.

Is the book available in paperback, too?
Yes, paperbacks are for sale also.

Is the book also available as an eBook / PDF file?
Unfortunately, we don't offer the possibilty to download the book as a digital file. We believe in the value of real, tangible books.